Millions of people around the world live with limited access to water. In many remote communities, ground water is extracted through the use of electric water pumps, unfortunately most of these communities have no access to national grid and so the use of generators and engine pumps remains their only option. This option requires one to use diesel and or Petrol to fuel their systems.   However, these systems not only require costly, regular servicing and the purchasing of fuel, they emit carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere.

Solar Water Pumping, or photo-voltaic water pumping (PVP), provides an alternative. After years of research and technological advances, it has proven to be operationally, financially, and environmentally sustainable. In recent years, the cost of solar technology has dropped tremendously. Prices for the solar panels used in these systems have dropped up to 80% (World Bank 2017). In addition, these panels last around 25 years, requiring little maintenance throughout this time.

These factors have made Solar Water Pumping an extremely viable way to expand energy access across developing countries and communities, while creating a strong resistance to shifts in rainfall caused by climate change or unreliable seasonable patterns.  Some governments have opted to subsidize the cost of solar pumping including our Uganda, increasing the pool of shared learning for this emerging technology.

Even though solar water pumping is ready for mainstreaming and has started to take off in some parts of the world, its benefits remain largely unknown to communities, governments, and development institutions. Thus the reason why we at Water and Pumps International ventured in this industry to provide not only the product at affordable prices but make sure we share the right knowledge with our customers and would be customers in Uganda mainly and other parts of the world about solar water pumping, because we believe that when the right information is shared with the public not only will our business thrive but it will help us improve on our innovativeness in this industry

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