Modern Farming



The government of Uganda is committed to attaining a middle income status by 2020, it has allocated large of its budget to agriculture which happens to be our backbone. Key strategy being emphasized under this sector is promotion of modern commercial farming, transformative action from traditional substance farming to modern ways is the only ultimate way to go for us to attain this vision.
With this call by government and other international bodies, Water and Pumps International Ltd with it’s professional team did research in that area with an aim of finding an amicable solution to the dry spells, drought faced by farmers in rural settings. Found out majority farmers lose approximately 51% on small scale of the anticipated output due to this factor drastically increasing due to changes in climate change.
With this background therefore Water & Pumps International Ltd found it more important to offer a hand in advising, providing technical support and promotion of modern equipment and technology that can solve this challenge at hand. It was vividly noticed that irrigation system is the way to go for us to be able to improve our productivity rate.

At Water and Pumps International Ltd, we offer professional high quality water solutions and services to the nearest end users. It’s always our humble honour to share our vast knowledge and expertise on Borehole design, shallow well and deep well drilling. Our pride is bringing safe water with utmost ease to our clients. Are you faced with water shortages on your farm, school, hospital or home use purposes, don’t look any further kindly majestically walk to our office, 7th street, industrial area or contact us on +256 392 177202,, website:
We shall be at your service.
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