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How to build a swimming pool in your compound


The first step in any swimming pool project is to perform a risk assessment at the beginning of project implementation before any work is done.

Swimming pools are no longer a luxury for the rich; swimming pools are no longer a privilege for the rich or high-end commercial projects. These days, even a moderate home, school, hotel or recreation centre can have one.

Interacting with one of the pool attendants in Muyenga, Rogers Mukasa, says that there is always fear for accidents more so, kids drowning in swimming pools but once precautionary measures are respected, the swimming pool can be one of the safest features in any environment, homes inclusive.

Why consider having one 

Whether you live in a warm or cool climate, usually, swimming pools can be enjoyed by homeowners for at least three months out of the calendar year. For those that have indoor pools, the weather doesn’t affect their use.

Away from that, the health attributes of pools are no secret. They are a great way to exercise for both adults and children.
“The added benefits of no impact while exercising the body are the fun-filled activities. Kids and adults alike enjoy playing and relaxing around a pool,”
Swimming pools are also used during physiotherapy sessions to help patients such as those who have suffered from a stroke to rejuvenate their working ability.
Besides, having a swimming pool at home allows for privacy. If you are the kind that doesn’t feel comfortable swimming from beaches and public pools such as hotels, then, a private pool comes in handy.

It is now easy to own a swimming pool

First forward; there are different types of swimming pool options and designs one can choose from. These include; infinity lagoon, skimmer, overflow, concrete, fiberglass composite, above ground and vinyl liner swimming pools.

At Water and Pumps International we take you through the whole process of constructing a pool with all the costs involved, so that before you embark on the project you are well conversant with what is going to happen. We are usually price sensitive when it comes to such high end undertakings, thus its our mandate that our would be client is comfortable with the prices we have shared for the project


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